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Pronto Stork
Offering the most adorable Stork yard baby birth announcement sign rentals in Southeastern Pennsylvania, PA and Northern Delaware, DE. Our Stork rentals are customized for each birth and parents keep the personalized bundle at the end of the rental period. We also offer Birthday and Graduation yard sign rentals!!!
(484) 770-8521


A sign to welcome a new baby is a great gift from family, friends or coworkers! Let us help you welcome a new arrival with one of our unique signs displayed in the yard of the new parents or grandparents. Here are some answers to your questions:

How much does a yard sign announcement cost?

The cost for renting our personalized stork/moon/carriage lawn announcement sign is $85.00 per week plus tax. This includes the stork rental, delivery/pick up and the keepsake bundle. Please see “Pricing” tab for details on rental options. The cost of a new baby announcement sign is about the same as sending flowers, but it’s more fun and the impact lasts much longer!

Please refer to the Pricing Tab for more information on our Birthday and Graduation Yard Sign Rates.

Where do you deliver?

We serve Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. Delivery charges may apply to some areas depending on distance from Kennett Square, PA.

What service do you offer for multiple births?

We normally set up a separate sign for each baby. The first sign is priced at the regular rate. Each subsequent sign is rented at a 25% discount. The parents keep the bundle that is personalized for each baby. If a single sign is desired for multiple births we are willing to work with you on this option.

When do you deliver and pick up the displays?

We make every effort to deliver within 24 hours of your order. Our typical rental period is 7 days, but if you’d like to keep your sign longer, just let us know and we will certainly try to accommodate you. We also offer 1, 3, and 5 day rentals in certain delivery areas too!

How far in advance should I order the announcement?

We deliver within 24 hours, although we strive to arrive before mom and baby! We often perform the same-day or next-day delivery, but delivery within 24 hours is guaranteed. If you call us 24 hours prior to discharge from the hospital with baby’s name (first and middle), birth date, weight and length, we will have your personalized “welcome baby” sign on the lawn in time to greet Mom and baby when they arrive home. For our Birthday and Graduation orders we ask that 24 hours notice is provided as well. This ensures we are able to create your personalized sign and we are able assemble the sign by your expected timeframe.

When placing an order what information should I have ready?

Our recommendation is to reserve your yard sign in advance to guarantee that a sign will be available for you. When you place the order with us, we will collect the delivery location (where the sign will be delivered to) and payment information from you at that time. In order to personalize the bundle/star/cloud we will need some information from you. Specifically, when the baby arrives, have someone contact us with the baby’s name (first and middle names), birth date, weight and length. All other orders (Birthday and Graduations) we will be able to collect the information from you at the time the order is placed with us.

How do I place my order? How do I pay for your service?

We take most orders over the phone or online via email. You may reach us at (484) 770-8521 or via email at info@prontostork.com. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express over the phone in payment of the rental. You can mail a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order if time permits. Orders must be paid in advance.

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Please do not move or remove the sign once it has been delivered. If you want the sign removed please contact Pronto Stork at 484-770-8521.
  • If during the sign rental period there is a need to mow your yard, please take care mowing around the sign and avoid trimming close to the base of the signs. Weed whackers/eaters and other cutting machinery may damage our signs.
  • Please do not attach balloons to the sign. When a balloon pops, the sun bakes the latex into the sign causing permanent damage.
  • The homeowner will be responsible for any damage caused by moving the sign, mowers, weed whackers/eaters, balloons, etc. Upon renting a lawn sign from Pronto Stork LLC, Renter agrees to return the sign, at the end of rental period, in the same condition as received. Also the Renter agrees to take full responsibility for the sign during the rental period. Renter agrees to indemnify Pronto Stork LLC for all personal and/or property damage while sign is in Renter’s care and custody, during rental period.
  • Thank you for your consideration and cooperation. Please contact us at Pronto Stork at (484) 770-8521 with any additional questions.